[I know that I know nothing]

...this famous quote voices well, what I basically learned in 11 years of working in the IT- and web-marketing-branch: Knowledge is only the smaller part of the service to create a good marketing-product  regarding quality and impact. Much more important is the ability of flexible thinking.

Each IT-project has new challenges. It has the right to be provided with new and individual solutions if needed. The simple use of finished second-hand-solutions without creating new impacts is not acceptable.

Mediocrity is the beginning of resignation and stagnation!

Both together, a flexible way of thinking and a high amount of experience, build the optimal condition to design an individual and high-quality product.

Of course, it's the right mix that makes it: Starting a project in first place with an almost childish and innocent approach makes it possible to bubble over with ideas. Then we need our experience to order everything and make an efficient product out of our ideas - not letting it become a castle of sand.

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