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Planning and developing a professionell web-appearance both, frontend (website) and backend (Content-Management-System) have to build a unit. Therefore I am always endeavored to have a see beyond my own nose.

There are lots of techniques and technologies which play their part creating a web-appearance - starting with design and followed by text, concept and the choice of images (stock-photos or photographing). All aspects join in the question: "Which system and which components are to choose?" (member-login, galleries, animations, videos, etc. etc.).

After all creating a web-product is a multi-layered process. That's why it's necessary to have knowledge of several technologies. During the planning-phase of a project - but during the further development as well - the following aspects need to be watched:

  • Design / Design-language
  • Target group / purpose of the internet-appearance
  • Look & Feel of the internet-appearance (f.e.: is the site supposed to be a service-site or should it represent an image or a product.)
  • Editorial overview about content and media (f.e.: pictures, videos, music, downloads, etc.)
  • Implementation / choice of system / timetable
  • Workflow (working with your website, distribution of tasks like editorials, correspondence/customer contact, etc.)

On the following pages you will find an extract of my service-catalog and core competencies.

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